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Hey guys, 

Thanks for stopping by!

This is my very first prototype. I designed this game for experienced gamers who want the challenge, no easy mode BS like most of the games coming out today. I recommend this one to megaman, castlevania or metal slug fans. 

Like I said, this is the very first prototype, so I suspect it to be a bit glitchy. If you guys could point it out to me that would be great. But more importantly than bugs, I need feedback on how the game feels and plays for you guys. What mechanics should I implement? Are enemies too annoying? Is anything unfair? I need you guys to create an awesome game. 


So far this is my story: a super soldier fighting battles for a ruler who wishes to rule the world and create a "One World" system. People have been brainwashed to think that the One World system is the way to end all inequalities in the world.

 In the prologue the main character launches an attack on the last line of defense of a certain nation. And then he proceeds to defeat the king in his stronghold. The king then, before he dies from his wounds, opens the main character's eyes to the evil side of a One World system, and then the story goes from there. So I guess the main character would end up being a rebel and joins the small nations against his past ruler.. yeah whatever

(Currently on prototype_v0.5)


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Very nice game! I like the artstyle, music and gameplay. Responsive controls. The basic slash feels very nice and I like that it stuns enemies shortly. The charged shot is a bit more tricky to pull off, as it takes some time to fire, so it can't be easily used in a lot of situations. But I guess that's part of the challenge. I struggled a bit with the walljump mechanic - it seems to work best when I just spam the jump key without pressing any direction. Also wondering why use K to jump but W+L for wall dash, which is like a tall jump? I feel W+K would be more intuitive, but maybe that's just me being unfamiliar with the controls. Anyway, keep going, you've got a great game in the making here!


Thanks buddy! very glad you liked it! See the thing is Im still undecided about the wall dash thing.. maybe I'll do as your suggestion, maybe I'll just include an upward dash, or maybe I'll abandon the idea altogether, Im not really sure... hm